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DISTRICT XVII is a 7 member Rock and Pop Cover Band based out of Dublin, CA, and performing around the San Francisco Bay Area since 2019. Our repertoire covers songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s.


Contact us for public and private gigs. See a list of upcoming public performances.

All I Wanna Do


Coming Up

stay tuned


May-18, 2024: Quarter Note Bar & Grill

Apr-20, 2024: Private | Live at ICC Milpitas

Several more private gigs

A pandemic



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// vocals & guitar


Brian is the frontman for District XVII, leading with vocals and rhythm guitar. Since college Brian has been performing on stage, where he was the frontman and founder of a classic rock cover band called Oasis. Appearing regularly at campus events  Oasis did covers of songs from Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Queen, Beatles Eric Clapton and many more. Brian also fronts Font72 a classic rock cover band and has performed at various Art and Wine Festivals in the SF Bay Area.

Associated Acts: Font72Melodius Thunk


// guitar


Rajeev is the swiss army knife of District XVII, ready to do vocals, lead guitar, acoustic rhythm guitar, percussion, keys, or mandolin when the need arises. He is a big Genesis, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, REM, Beatles, Bob Marley fan, and likes to play all types of music from progressive rock to pop/dance to bluegrass.

Associated Acts: Font72, Soul Providers, Melodius Thunk


// drums


Vikram is the rhythmic foundation of District XVII and loves experimenting with the latest hybrid drum technology. When he's not performing, he's probably doing live sound or video for other bands. His musical journey began at the age of 6, when he taught himself to play the guitar. He switched to playing drums in the mid 90s and has since been the drummer in over a dozen bands. He enjoys playing all kinds of music from the 60s through today.


Associated Acts: Random Stranger, Soul Providers


// vocals


Sarita is a classically trained vocalist and has performed with multiple bands. She covers Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, 4 Non Blondes to name a few. 


Associated Acts: Random Stranger


// bass


Vasant is a man of few words. His bass does the talking.


Associated Acts: BOOMM, Pallavi


// guitar


"Play that face-melting lead" pretty much sums up Rahul's job in District XVII, along with rhythm, backing vocals and occasional percussion.  While Rahul's focus has been to cover iconic solos from bands like Cream, Def Leppard, Pink Floyd and Blue Oyster Cult, he is in his element while jamming on the Blues.  His early music education of North Indian classical music, however, is a far cry from the Blues. He spent his early years learning vocals, violin and Hawaiian guitar in the Hindustani style.  But when Eddie Van Halen's solo on Beat It came out, there was no turning back. In the last two decades Rahul has also performed in several cover bands as a band member (Prithvi) or as a guest artist (VDaze, Jigary, Boomm).  As part of Prithvi, Rahul has also released an album, where he was the primary songwriter and one of the main composers.

Associated Acts: Font72


// keys, vocals, bass


Ruksana is musician extraordinaire and performs with multiple bands in the Bay Area. 


Associated Acts: Font72, Soul Providers, Melodius Thunk & Crossing Dana

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